Thursday, December 30, 2010

Bye Bye Utah

Of course it's our luck, the weather was terrible the day we were leaveing for the big move down to Arizona. Matt, Justice, Madison and Brooklyn left at 8 am that morning. They ended up stopping at Nats because the weather was so horrible. I had to work that day and ended up leaving with Troy and Georiga when I got off. By then Matt and the girls were 3 hours south and on there way. I picked Nat up on my way. It was a very long day and night. The roads were so bad that we were only doing 30 miles an hour. Matt and the girls pulled in around 3 while Nat and I arrived at 6 am in the morning. Later on that morning Becky and Dave showed up with some much needed breakfast. Everyone unpacked for most of the day. Not one of us made it to Midnight to ring in the New Year.

So happy to start 2011 in our new house all together!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas

This year the girls wokeup at 2 am to see if Santa had come. ( Just imagine if Justice had gone to bed at 8 like she wanted to ). Matt and I let the girls open up there stocking but told them to wait on presents. They were so excited that santa had come. This is what all the girls looked like when Matt and I came down Christmas morning. The one thing that all the girls asked Santa for this year was a beaty set.

They were so happy when Santa came through!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve 2010

Every year we make pizzas and this years were the best yet! We didn't do anything crazy just lots of cheese ( we are Newson's ), mushrooms and olives. Here is BookerBee waiting for hers to come out of the oven. Looks like King's waiting too!

After pizza's we put together our Christmas Lego Village. While we were at Lego Land we bought a Christmas village, in the past we have built ginger bread houses. The down fall to lego village was that we needed more than a couple of hours (ended up finishing it on Christmas). Then it was time for new Christmas PJ's. Justice was asking to go to bed by 6pm. She was so anxious for Santa to come. Here is Troy with his new Christmas pj's.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Brooklyn's Pre-School Christmas Party

Every year Santa makes a special trip to Mrs. Petts pre-school class. This year Mrs Clause was there too.
Here is Brooklyn with her friends.

Georigia and Madison got to tag along with Dad and sit on Santa's lap.

Package Up and Leaving Utah

The time is here. We are getting ready to move to Arizona. The nice thing about moving into the rental is that we never really unpacked. We have already went thru everything and gotten rid of alot. But still... The thing that keeps us going is just knowing that we are moving out of this stinky, small and unfunctional rental.The kids are excited to move, but still they are all sad to leave Utah. We are going to miss the great freinds that we have made here. The twins kindergarden class made them this cute poster. They just love there teacher Mrs. Phillips and their friends.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Decorating Our Tree

It's not so much the perfect tree that you remember but the "not so perfect" one. Back in October we took some of our stuff to arizona, all the christmas decorations. Fortunatly we did not take everything... This little tree got left behind. We used all the ornaments that the girls had made and decorated it.
The tree was quite a sight, but it worked. The girls could have cared less..... they loved it!