Monday, June 27, 2011

Troy Is On The Move

Its official, little bud is crawling. It seems like its taken forever for the little guy to start to crawl, but I guess thats what happends when you have 4 big sisters that do everything for you. It wont be long before Troy is walking...

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Grandma & Grandpa D Come to Visit

Grandma and Grandpa Desautels came out to visit us for a couple of weeks. I am sure that the kids wore them out, but they had so much fun. Here is Grandpa, Maddy and Brooklyn at the club house pool. Grandma & the girls before heading out to tumbling.
Grandpa and Justice playing Jenga, which eventually turns into Troy making a dive to knock down the tower. Troy loves to knock down the blocks. We must have built him a hundred towers.
Grandma, Grandpa and Troy hanging out by the pool. We miss you guys already!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Fathers Day

On fathers day we took the kids down to the lake and went fishing. Justice was quite the fisherman, she caught 3 sunfish and a big old catfish. She was so excited!
None of the girls are in the least bit scared of the worms or the fish. Here is Georgie with her sunfish. There was no way that the twins were leaving until they got a fish too. Here's Maddy with her big catch!Brooklyn of course being herself, got board with fishing. So she decided to play with the worms instead.

We fished until the worms were gone, and since no one got a hook in the eye I am sure that we'll be fishing again soon!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

End Of The Year Soccer Party

To celebrate a great soccer season we had a pool/pizza party at the house for all the kids on both Team Narnia ( Twins & Brooklyn ) and Team Allstars. Each of the kids got a trophy with their names on it, and so did all the coaches. Here is Matt receiving his, he was pretty excited :)Georgia

Brooklyn having cake with her friend Allina. What a great soccer season, the kids had so much fun and we made some really awesome friends!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Grand Caynon National Park

On our way back to Arizona we took a detour and spent our 12 year anniversary in the Grand Canyon. As you can see the drive was long....
Matt and the girls
We took the 6 1/2 mile walk across the rim trail and then took the Shuttle back. ( Thank goodness for the shuttle because everyone was beat )

Truly amazing place to see and visit.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Congrats Brandon

We took a short vacation up to Utah for Brandon's High School graduation. Unfortunate I did not get one picture of Brandon with his cap and gown on.
Here's Aunt Becky and Maddy during the ceremony
Grandpa Newson and Georgia who fell asleep during the ceremony.
Becky, Troy and MattWe stayed an extra day in Utah to hang out with the family.
Grandpa Newson, Mike, Brandon, Drew, Georgia, Madison, Brooklyn, Troy and Justice.
Nat took us up to Bridal Falls to take a look at how high the river is running.
Becky, Nat, Justice, Brooklyn, Madison and Georgia
Way to go Mike and Brandon, Congrats and Good luck in College!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Hanging out with Aunt Jammy Jam

I really wish that Jamie lived closer... The girls and I just love it when Jamie comes to visit us. It was a great week and went by way to fast. Here we are hanging out by the pool down at the club house.

No More Floaties For Georgia and Madison

These two little crazy girls can really dive. Thats basically how they started to swim on their own... They would throw in a ring next to the stairs, dive down and get it and then come back up. Before you know it they were throwing it into the deep end and collecting ALL the rings.
Georgie and Maddy love to swim and will jump in any chance they get.