Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Just One Of The Girls

So I have to give Matt some credit because this is definitely way out of Matt's manly comfort zone. The other night the girls all wanted to get their fingernails and toenails painted. I was right in the middle of something so Matt being the great dad that he is, volunteered to do it. I have to admit I was really surprised that he offered and they all turned out pretty.

On a side note... I took Madison to the eye Dr's today. She has a tear duct that does not drain. The nurse gave Madison a big black spoon to put over her eye and told her to look in the mirror and tell her what she saw. (By looking into the mirror Madddy should have seen the pictures on the wall that were behind her. )
In the meantime I told Madison that she looked like a pirate with a patch over her eye. The nurse asked Madison what she saw in the mirror and Madison kept telling her that she saw a pirate. Then out of nowhere she told the nurse she saw Dora and Boots ?
Needless to say it was a very entertaining trip to the Dr's. Justice and I could not stop laughing :)

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Cold Minnesota

I just got the opportunity to go to Minnesota for work and spend some time with my sister Jamie. Its been about 7 or 8 years since I have been to the freezing state. Just long enough to forget how cold it is. I did work some long hours but I did get to spend some time with Jamie. Love ya Jamie!! I don't know what I would do without you!! XOXOX

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Happy Halloween

This year for Halloween we went up to my office building. Matt and I took the girls around to all the offices and they went office to office trick or treating. Madison was really shy at first, it took her a little bit to warm up to the whole idea of trick-or-treating. Brooklyn on the other hand was right into it from the get go, she had no issues getting treats :)

Once the buckets were full from my office we decided to make a pitstop at the house before hitting our own block. It did not take long before the girls were tired.......One block. All in all the girls had a great time.

Brooklyn was a skunk. This costume totally fits her personality, she truly is a little stinker