Friday, April 23, 2010

Happy 33rd Birthday Matt

Happy Birthday Matt!! We miss you and love you so much.

Monday, April 12, 2010


While we were at Baby Animal Days we adopted a couple of frogs. They are African Dwarf Frogs. They basically live in the water. They do not need any land to survive. My girls love the new frogs, I cant believe that they are still alive, since they have all been dropped a couple of times each.
The girls named the frogs Lilly Pad and Molly The Jumper. I cant tell which is which, they look about the same to me.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Baby Animal Days

I have been wanting to take the girls to Baby Animal Days for the last couple of years,and we finally made it this year. We had so much and fun. There was so much to see and do. My Friend Krista and her two little boys came too. First things we did when we got there was ride the ponies and visit the baby bears. The baby bears were so cute. We were all able to pet the baby bear.
Next we headed over to the see the baby goats, pigs and lambs. The girls had no problem getting into the pen and petting all the animals.
This little goat really liked Brooklyn.

Madison is holding a baby turtle, they were so cute.
The girls and I before we headed over to check out the baby ducks, bunnies and chicks.
Georgia, holding a duck.
The girls loved the bunnies. They were a little feisty but can you imagine all these crazy kids man handling you! Georgia and Madison did get a little scratch from the bunnies, but they didn't mind.In case you are wondering, that is lip gloss on Brooklyn's lips. Yep, she put it on herself.I am not sure if Brooklyn is mad because the baby chick pooped on her or what. Just kidding, I was the one freaking when I saw the baby chick pooped on her leg. It didn't seem to phase her.
I am so glad that we made it this year. Cant wait to go again next year!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Happy Easter !!!

The day started off pretty early, the girls were all up and ready to go before I was. They could not wait to go down stairs too see if the Easter Bunny had come to our house. The girls raced around the house looking for all the eggs and their Easter baskets. Before I let the girls go through their baskets, I had to get a picture.
Madison and Georgia both got model magic, so for a couple of hours that morning we created a Hedge Hog and a Sheep. Later on that evening the girls and I headed over to a friends house for dinner. We had a great time! Thanks again Belinda for having us!!

City Easter Egg Hunt

Its really not a hunt at all, more like a frenzy. When the horn goes off all the kids run into the Field as fast as they can. Then within a minute all the eggs have been snatched up. There really is no hunt about it. We do it almost every year and the girls love it. This year I decided to let all the girls go into the 4 year old age group because I could not be in three places at the same time...... Justice definitely had an advantage and seriously filled her bucket up with eggs. Brooklyn, Madison and Georgia did good too, they picked up about 10 eggs a piece. Georgia and Madison with their friend Jessica waiting to get started. The girls and I were freezing that morning We could not wait to get back into the truck.