Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Justice Turns 6 !!!

I can't believe that Matt and I have a six year old (we are really getting old). The girls all had soccer, so after the game we went to AppleBee's to celebrate Justice's Birthday. Happy Birthday Bug!!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Brooklyns New Friend

So, I actually feel kind of sorry for this poor little grass hopper. Brooklyn has been toting him around and I am sure that he's definitely getting dizzy.Brooklyn dropped the cage and he did make one attempt for freedom, but I was definitely quick to get him back in.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Next Melanie Oudin?

I hope that one of our girls will love to play tennis as much as we do. Matt and I wanted to hit the ball around so we decided to take the girls along too. Here is Madison trying to kill the ball.
They all really liked playing, and they all were able to hit the ball pretty well. I would throw the ball to them and they would hit it back.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Birthday Party At the Fun Center

This year Justice wanted to have a birthday party at the Fun Center with all her friends. Twelve of Justice's little friends came to celebrate the day... At first I wasn't sure if Matt and I were going to survive, but we did and it actually turned out great. Justice had so much fun.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

West Clinton Carnival

Justice's school had a carnival on Saturday and we decided that we would check it out. They had tons of blow ups, so the girls loved it. Justice saw a bunch of her friends. Here is Justice and Kennedy.Before we left, Justice, Brook and Georgia wanted to get their faces painted. ( They love it ) Here is Matt, Brooklyn and Madison enjoying their snow cones while they wait for Justice and Georgia.

Here is a Georgia
Matt went to the dunes this weekend with a bunch of his buddies( and picked Brandon up on the way down), he's been dying to test out the turbo. Here's Matt taking a jump.
Here is a random picture from last week, you just got to love it when they are loving on each other and not fighting.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

4 Wheeling At Monte

This weekend we decided to try 4 wheeling at Monte. Here is Madison, Aunt Becky and Georgia on the way up. Aunt Becky was able to experience the twins jamming out to their favorite Kelly Clarkson song and was fortunate enough to be able to watch Barbie after.
Everyone getting ready to head out. We came across a huge puddle. Here is Becky going through.Here is Matt, just being Matt.
Of course once was not enough for Matt. He took full advantage of the mud and played around. If you look at the picture you can see the girls watching their crazy dad. By the time Matt was done, he was covered in mud.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Keith Urban

We had such a fun time at the Keith Urban concert!! Becky and I drove down and met Natalie and Wendy at the Sky Box for dinner. After dinner we walked over to the Delta Center. There were a ton of these rigs outside.
We had great seats, at center stage. Half way thru the concert Keith walked off the stage and thru the crowd. He sang a couple of different songs on a smaller stage that was pretty close to where we were sitting. He put on a great concert, loved it!!

Natalie and Wendy might just be Keith Urbans biggest fans. Here are my awesome sister in laws, Love you Guys!! Thanks Nat for having me come along.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Yellow Banana's

The girls named their team the Yellow Banana's. It was originally the Pink Ladies, but it was alittle hard to keep that name after getting the bright yellow uniforms. Georgia is number "6", Justice is number "7" and Madison is number "8".
We have been practicing for the last month and last night the girls had their first game. Justice scored a goal within the first couple of minutes. She is super fast and very competitive. This was Madison and Georgia's first game ever. They just ran around (not to aggressive), but by the end of the game they were both kicking the ball and trying to get a goal of their own. Great Job Girls!!!

Georgia & Madison's First Day Of Pre-School

Madison and Georgia could not wait to start Pre-School. Matt and I decided that we were going to go back to Mrs. Petts. Justice had such a great experience there and we think that the twins will too. Georgia and Madison loved pre-school. They loved snack time (of course) and they both made a couple new friends. Here are a couple pictures of the girls before Matt dropped them off for their big day!! The girls all picked out a new backpack this year. The one Georgia picked out is bigger than she is.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day Weekend

The girls, Matt and I had a great weekend. First Matt came home!! The girls and I missed him so much, especially Maddy. Everyday she would ask when her Daddy was coming home. It was only 2 weeks, but it seemed alot longer. Then Sunday we headed down to Nat's house to take a look at Brandon's truck and to visit with Becky who's in town for the next week. We spent most of the day hanging out. For Labor Day, Nat, John, Becky, Brandon and Drew came up and celebrated Becky's birthday. Here's Brandon and Nat putting candles on Becky's cake. (Nat made a Yummy Lemon Cake) Happy Birthday Becky!!

Sisters are the Best :)
The girls were so excited that Aunt Becky was visiting.
Becky & Justice

Thursday, September 3, 2009


The girls just could not wait until dance started. Yesterday was the first day and they loved it. Georgia and Madison are in the same class. Justice is in a class with the older girls.
Maddy Justice and Georgia

When the girls were getting ready BookerBee was feeling a little left out. She wanted to get dressed up too. Next year my little Booker.