Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

This year for Halloween we headed up to the Clinton "Scales and Tails" show. They do it every year, so I thought that we could check it out this year. The show was pretty cool, they had lots of different snakes, lizards and a huge turtle. After watching the show we headed home, dropped off the truck and then headed out trick or treating. The girls had a great time and Brooklyn even made it the whole way walking. Here are some more pictures of the girls with their costumes on before we headed out.


It was down to the last minute this year for carving our pumkins. Justice picked out a scary pumkin. Brooklyn and Madison wanted thier pumkins to have happy faces. Georgia wanted a scary pumkin too, but I think that hers turned out to be more like a really goofy looking pumkin. Matt is cutting the faces out of the punkings and of course he's doing it with a power tool.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Dakcs Halloween

Every year my work holds Trick or Treating for all the employees kids. Its really nice becuase its indoors and the girls do not have to wear winter jackets over their costumes. Justice dressed up as vampire. Georgia and Madison are witches. Brooklyn is a little skunk.
Brookyn fell asleep in the truck on the way to Dakcs. She was so tired she slept thru the whole thing. By the time we left Matts arms were burning. I guess Brookln is not a little baby anymore.Georgia getting ready to hit another office.
We had a great time walking around. The girls got a ton of cavities, oops I mean candy.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Halloween Parties

Justice and the twins both had Halloween parties at school. Matt and I volunteered to help out Justice's class with their party. They did 4 different stations. Matt helped out with the pumpkin bowling while I read Halloween stories to all the kids. It was really nice to meet all the kids in Justice's class and get to see them all in action.
Matt had to leave a couple of minutes early so that he could run over and watch the twins do their Halloween parade with their pre-school class. After their parade they sang some cute Halloween songs.
Lots more Halloween Fun to Come!!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Las Vegas

I love Las Vegas! My sister has been planning this trip for the last couple of months and it was so much fun. Jamie and Tracy flew in on Thursday from the tundra. On Friday we were up early and ended up making it into Vegas around 12:30. We had a great time. We did alot of walking around, saw the show KA at the MGM and then went to dinner at NobHill.The drive home was sooo long, but we made it. Love You Jamie!!!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Halloween Treats

Last year we made yummy Halloween chocolates and decided to do it again this year.
We had a really hard time getting the food color right for the orange pumpkins, but all in all they came out pretty good.
Here is Brooklyn decorating our Halloween pumpkin cards.

Justice is filling up the squeeze bottles and Madison was caught in the act eating the chocolate.
Justice and Brooklyn are checking out Georgia's work.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Carmel Apples

This was the first time the girls and I have made carmel covered apples. First we took all the wrappers off the carmels ( the girls and I counted to 150 ) then we washed, dried, and put sticks in all of our apples. Once the carmel was all melted the girls all took turns covering the apples with carmel, nuts and mini chocolate chips. They turned out pretty yummy! We had a fun time making them!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Field Trip To Black Island Farms

Georgia and Madison's preschool class had a field trip at Black Island Farms. This was probably the first year we have went when it has not been a mud pit. When we got there the girls and I headed out to the pumpkin patch to find pumpkins.
Madison R, Maddy, Georgia and Hailey.After getting back we headed into the court yard where the girls played around on the slides, bounce house, and the cow train. Georgia and Madison loved their field trip and had so much fun with all their friends.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Hee Haw Farms

Halloween is almost here. We headed down south to Hee Haw Farms where Nat's work put on a really fun time. The girls loved the Halloween blowup maze and all the slides.
Here is Aunt Nat handing out donuts.Georgia and Madison enjoying the yummy donuts.
We vetured into the corn maze and at first the girls were all into it, but 15 minutes of dead ends killed their spirits. Their little legs were done!!!

And of course what is a pumkin farm without a cow train ( Madison's favorite part )
We had a great time. Thanks Aunt Nat!!!!

Little Diva

This is what came walking down the stairs for school. Yep I think we have a little diva on our hands. Picking clothes out for school is always a BIG head ache. Justice only likes to wear dresses and skirts which drives Matt and I nuts!!! I am sure that its only going to get worse... And just to think that we have three more girls.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Discovery flight

At the beginning of the week Matt told me that he had a surprise for me. We had a sitter all lined up for the girls but he would not tell me where we were going. I was going to fly a plane, a Cessna 172S. Its called a "Discovery flight", but you get to fly the plane with an instructor. I have to admit I was pretty nervous. Matt sat in the back seat as I tried not to kill us both. The flight instructor had me do all the flying. I took off from the Ogden airport heading south. After takeoff I turned east and went through the North Ogden Divide. We flew over Pine View Reservoir and then cut back through 12Th Street Canyon. The landing is very tricky but the instructor said all landings are good landings. All in all Matt and I are looking to become private pilots in the future. Just another "family activity."