Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Purple Butterflies

Another soccer season has begun. The girls have been practicing for the last couple of weeks and finally had their first game. They won 2 to 0, and Justice got the first goal. What a difference I have seen in Georgia and Madison this year. They are so much more aggressive. Georgia and Madison played offence most of the night and did a really good job at keeping the ball near the other teams goal. Justice did a great job on defense, she never let the ball get near the Butterflies goal.
You can tell by the picture how windy it was outside. The weather has been like this pretty much every single night we have had soccer. On the girls first night of practice Georgia was so cold that she wanted to quit.
Number 2 - Madison

Number 3 - Georgia
Number 7 - Justice the Speed Demon

Go Purple Butterflies !!

A Baby Boy

I can hardly believe it myself. First, our family is still growing but second that we are going to have a little boy. We have known for the last couple of months and just told the girls the news. They are all excited. This is the first of many things that Justice has made for the baby.

Some of it is spelled wrong, but you just got to the love the genuine love the girls have for their little brother to be.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Kindergarten Here We Come

Madison and Georgia are Registered for Kindergarten! I can remember doing this with Justice only a year ago. Next year Matt and I will have 3 out of 5 in school. Yes I said out of FIVE!!!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Jamie's Visit

My sister came to visit for a week, wish it would have been much longer. One of the first nights that Jamie was here we went shopping for flower girl dresses. My sister is getting married in August and all four of the girls are in the wedding. After the stress of picking the dresses out and having the girls trying them on, we went out to dinner and a movie. Georgia, Madison and Aunt Jamie

Jamie and I also ran The Leprechaun Lope, which was a 5K for St. Patricks Day. I was a little worried at first, the race started with a hill climb. I remember telling myself that I might not make it. In the end it leveled out and was a piece of cake. A big thanks to Nat and Drew for coming up and watching the girls for us!!

We got a head start on Easter, and decorated Easter eggs while Jamie was here. We ended up coloring 3 dozen eggs.
These are the cute monster eggs that Jamie and the girls decorated.
The girls and I had such a great week with Jamie. I am so lucky to have such a wonderful sister, I love you Jamie!!