Sunday, April 26, 2009

Change of Plans

This weekend we decided that we would head up to Logan for "Baby Animal Days" I have heard that its alot of fun and thought the girls would love to see all the baby animals. So even though the weather was rainy and cold we still went. When we got up their the parking lot was empty and come to find out, due to the storm, they had lost power.
So, Instead we went to a place called "Fun Park". The girls had a great time running around with their friends. Here is a picture of Justice and her friend Bella.Here is BookerBee enjoying her slushyThanks Tara and Stephanie for Coming!!
Later on that evening the girls and I got ready for our "Slumber Party". Since Matt is TDY what a perfect time to do it. We rented the movie "BOLT", the girls liked it so much that we even watched it twice. The girls brought all their pillows and blankets down and slept on the floor. We had so much fun!!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Happy BIrthday Matt

Happy Birthday Matt!
For the last couple of nights the girls and I have been working on Matt's "Birthday Cake". Since we celebrated his birthday Saturday, we decided to make him a birthday cake. So First, the girls came up with 32 things about their dad. Once we had our list it was just a matter of coloring all the candle flames and cutting everything out. I especially loved hearing all the things that the girls love about their dad.
Happy Birthday Matt, I Love You So Much XOXOX

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Matts Birthday

This weekend we celebrated Matt's Birthday ( His actual Birthday is April 23rd ). Natalie came up with the boys. Mike has been it Utah the last week for spring break and we were all very excited to see him. The girls absolutely love it when their ousins come see them! We had pizza and Matt's favorite... Ice Cream Cake.Here is a picture from earlier in the day. Georgia is helping her Dad move some wood. Check out the shoes that Georgia puts on to play outside :) Booker Bee on her swing.Mike, Nat, Drew and Brandon. We Love You Guys Sunday morning. Just thought that they were cute... Georgia is just not having a good morning or probably just tired of her mom always wanting to take pictures.Justice was feeling the same way.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Green Grass Stains

Yep, that is the name that Justice's soccer team picked for themselves this year. I cant believe the difference that one year makes... Justice is such a speedy little devil and has scored 4 goals in her first 2 games.
BookerBee, Madison and Justice

Here is an action shot This is Justice's second game and each time it has poured down rain, but that does not seem to get their spirits down.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Easter

Happy Easter! Justice was the first one to relize that the Easter Bunny had been to our house. She came running into our room saying she saw an egg!!
This year the Easter Bunny hid all the easter baskets and eggs inside the house.
The girls first found their baskets and then they went hunting for eggs.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Easter Eggs

All of us decorated Easter Eggs. We did 3 dozen eggs and the girls would have loved to have decorated many more.
Here is a picture of Georgia putting the eggs into the dye.Some of the eggs are glue and sand and some are glue and glitter.

Britney Concert

What a great time I had this weekend with my awesome sister!! On Thursday after work I flew out to the Tundra ( aka Minnesota ). We got up really early on Friday morning and headed to the gym. After the gym Jamie treated me to a facial. Then we headed up-town to meet Jamie's friend Traci and to get our makeup done at MAC. It was now time to get ready for the concert Here is a picture of Jamie and I before we left for the concert. .We had a such a fun time at the concert. We had great seats, and the show was awesome.
This is Traci, Jamie and I.Thanks Jamie for a great weekend. I am so lucky to have you for my sister! I LOVE YOU !!!